About the Author

My main purpose for this website is to give easy access to simple exegetical and hermeneutical tools that make sense for the reader. Unfortunately, many times the only way to access these resources is through academia. Not all of us are able to do this. Therefore, I’m bringing the academia to you, but in an approachable way. A few of the topics addressed here will be sex, sexuality, addiction, emotion, exegesis, hermeneutical methods, etc. I am truly grateful for your interest in reading.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com

Erin Green (They/Them) is an affirming biblical scholar and LGBTQ+ activist. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University and is a current, second year MDiv student at San Francisco Theological Seminary. Her specialties are in the entire Christian biblical corpus with an emphasis on the Hebrew Bible, the ancient Near East, exegesis, and how to employ various hermeneutical methods. Her passion is helping those excluded by the church to heal from spiritual abuse and trauma by navigating the biblical text in restorative ways.

Erin is best known for her work in supporting LGBTQ+ students on conservative, Christian university campuses. She is also the Co-Executive Director of Brave Commons, a Queer Latinx led group seeking to dismantle oppressive systems at Christian Universities and address the denial of basic human rights of LGBTQ+ students. Erin works alongside Lauren Sotolongo in the Brave Commons’ movement. For more information on Brave Commons, visit bravecommons.org.